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When the Israel Israelites escaped from the bondage of slavery in Egypt, this singular moment in the history of the Jewish people was forever noted as The Exodus. It is formative to their identity as God’s chosen people. The story is told in the second book of the Bible, which bears it's name.

Miraculous and Menial

The Exodus event was miraculous and menial at the same time. God miraculously made it happen, by calling Moses, an unconventional and unwilling leader. God made it happen by stalking the slave master Pharaoh with crude plagues of increasing magnitude. God made it happen by parting the Red Sea just in time for the Israelites to pass through, leaving the Egyptian Army to drown in the water that did’t remain separated for them. Got continued to positively interfere on the other side of slavery, in the wilderness stretching before the Israelites for many miles and 40 more years.

Still, the Exodus was more then a divine firework show. The exodus was as menial as it was miraculous. Evidence of this is observed in the Latin origin of it’s antonym sedentary. The first syllable, sed means to "to put one foot forward.” Is there any thing more menial than walking? [divider_flat]

Stomping Toward an Uncertain Future


As DOWNTOWN CHURCH prepares to sed in December when we charter, the Exodus event is an appropriate source of hope that God will sed with us. And yet, as followers of Jesus, I wonder if merely putting one foot forward is enough. Can we go forward towards an uncertain future knowing God is with us and stomp one foot forward? Stomping and walking are not the same thing. The former is an exclamation of the latter. It can indicate catharsis, a release of primitive emotion. And stomping is less angry and more euphoric when we step forward with conviction as a community. Stomp is a sermon series drawn from the stories in Exodus offered as a prelude for our own Exodus from being a new church development to just being a church.