EASTER | Ash Wednesday

We all battle through times of misfortune.

We feel the weight of being alone, but how do we end up in this state of longing when we know our God walks beside us, through every dark turn our lives may take.

For forty days Christ wandered in the desert without food or drink. He did this to prepare himself for ministry. He had only his prayers and God to listen.


How would our lives be changed if we could remember God was with us - even as we thirst through the desert? What if we could let go of our expectations for life to treat us fairly, and fall in Love with the God, who is enough, who gives us real fullness, who quenches our deepest thirst, who fills our deepest longing?

The season of lent is not about starving yourself of Earthly longings, but rather about filling something deeper.

Do this in response

Join us for a worship service that marks the beginning of Lent and includes the imposition of ashes. There are two services and you are free to register to attend either. Space is limited though, so help us plan by completing the form below. [box border="full" type="note" icon="none"]

When: Our 5:30 Service is full so please join us at 7:00pm Where: 701 Whaley - Olympia Room Who: Anyone is invited[/box]