Blog | Antique Shopping and Worship

It wasn't until today that I realized worship is a lot like shopping for antiques. A strange analogy, I know, but here is why: I rounded a tight corner to get to the antique books and bumped into a little old man crouched over a tiny stool reading an aged treasure. He was startled at my invasion of his corner, as was I to find someone in my usual nook. Feeling obligated to acknowledge my presence, he filled our awkward silence with these words: "It's such a strange place that if you're going to explore it you have to do lots of strange things." His advice extended beyond the realms of the antique store, and into my insight on worship. You see, planning worship is a lot like hunting for treasures. You stand on your toes, look around some songs, accidentally overlook important phrases, but every once in a while you come across a verse, a chorus, or possibly an entire song, that makes not only your voice, but your whole heart sing.

None of it is junk, but some treasures are more precious to one person than the other, and every once in a while people can relish over common treasures.

My avid love for books brought me closer to a stranger. Just think what an avid love for God can do for a congregation.