What is Your Wish?

Yesterday I threw a hat on my sweaty, post-workout head in order to look somewhat presentable to go to work. It's a hat I bought on my honeymoon in 2010. You know, the obligatory "I went somewhere fabulous" souvenir. And it reminded me of one of my favorite parts of our stay at this posh resort. When I called the front desk, they would greet me with, "Hello, this is Maria. What is your wish?"

My wish?? No one EVER asks me what I "wish"! I think I stumbled in response, because honestly all I "wished" at the moment was some more towels. But what a decadent thought....what DO I wish? I found myself calling back daily just to have someone ask me "What is your  wish?" I knew as soon as we checked out no one would ever ask me again.

On this beautiful island, what I wished was usually something meaningless and fluffy - a drink with an umbrella, dessert, a spa treatment. But so many times in real life, what I wished was to get from where I was to Point B. I wished to get through the valley. I wished for my children to get past something difficult. I just wished anything "yucky" was over.

Lately I've been reminded almost everywhere I turn - from Amos' "Follow Me" sermon, to the last two books I've read, to the movie we're watching at the next Reel to Real - that the Journey itself, rather than the destination, is what it's all about. Without the Journey, Point B doesn't matter and there would never be a Point C,D, or E. We never "arrive" so to speak. We walk, we run, we stumble, we grow, we learn, we do better, we cry and we laugh all along the way.