This is the question we will examine on Sunday in church. It's also a question I'm obsessed with right now. He ate slow meals, walked everywhere, and disappeared to pray for hours at a time. We consider the precious reality that he choose to live with us instead of apart from us as reason to believe and follow. But, what about his lifestyle?

I fear there isn't much that distinguishes the daily calendar of a Christ-follower. We are just as busy, and maybe more so if we're active in church, as our neighbor that sleeps in on Sunday morning. We complain about our busy-ness with more self-directed disdain and hopeless fatalism - as if it isn't our fault that we don't have time to do the things we love.

But even worse than the chorus of  "I'm so busy's" heard when two professionals, parents, or high-achievers greet is the possibility that our busy-ness leaves no time to be obedient; to be available for people that didn't put their pain on our calendar and to be fully present when the Spirit of God slumbers in to our life.

Was Jesus busy?