Updates to Giving Platform

ACH and EVDO are two acronyms that mean nothing until your identity is stolen, your money disappears, and your credit score slides into sub-prime territory. But your friends at DOWNTOWN CHURCH care about you. We don't want anyone to suffer the potential disasters noted above and then blame us. So we got educated on ACH and EVDO to make it easier, safer, and more likely that you will give us money on the website.

What is ACH?

It's a wire transfer that you authorize the church to conduct at a set time each month for a specific amount. It's the electronic equivalent of mailing a check to us each month. In the words of Ron Popeil, "set it and forget it.

We like ACH because

  1. We don't pay processing fees as a percentage of every transaction.
  2. It's a secure way to give.
  3. We don't have to worry about chasing you down for expired, lost, or compromised cards.

So go and get your ACH going so we can get back the $540 per month in credit card transaction fees paid each month.

What is EVDO?

Basically, it means we went to a whole lot of trouble to get the super secure green lock on the address bar. The powers of the internet said that we are trustworthy. So there.