Update on Amy

Amy Woodell, founder of Clothed in Hope, visited us in January for Spark. You can tell from this post I wrote after our first meeting that she isn't a stereo-typical 20-something. At the time, she was still a few months from completing her undergraduate degree at USC. However, she's known what she wants to be when she "grows up" for a few years. Yesterday I got an email from Clothed in Hope directing my attention to their new Rally page where you can make a donation and follow her blog posts about their work in Zambia teaching women how to sew and how to make a living with their new skills.

Amy is leaving for Zambia on July 24. On her blog she extends an invitation for you to go with her:

As I begin to get things ready, making appointments, working out the details that I can try to figure out here, I do it with an understanding that this isn’t just my trip. This Clothed in Hope in-country launch isn’t just my journey.

Check out the new Rally page and say a prayer for Amy and the women of Zambia God's gonna put in her way.