Two Weeks in the Mountains

It was more than I expected. The subtlety, double-meaning, and ambiguity of that introduction should not be ignored. Kelley and I led four sessions each day and topped off the workshopping by planning and leading evening vespers each night around 9:00 p.m. All of it was done in service of the Presbyterian Association of Musicians annual Worship and Music Conference at Montreat, NC.

We were marked early on as the odd-balls. We stood out for our inability to read music, for serving a church that wasn't anxious about it's future, and for not caring about the distinctions between contemporary and traditional worship.

When you live it everyday, DOWNTOWN CHURCH is just another church. But every session in which we shared a our story revealed how out of touch with the established church we are. Below is a brief list of stuff that was received with a gasp, gaping mouth, or follow up question:

  1. We don't have committees.
  2. No evening meetings.
  3. No vacation policy for staff - take off all the time you need.
  4. Our ages - Kelley is 25, I am 34.
  5. Amos is not white.
  6. Coffee and cookies taste good.
  7. We don't have a projector.
  8. We don't do annual reviews - everyone is reviewed daily since our work is transparent.
  9. We don't pass an offering plate.