Two of a Kind: Sunday worship doubles up

blog-overhead-worship-shot We saw the writing on the wall. We tried to ignore it, hoping that if we averted our eyes for a while, everything would return to "normal". The chairs don't lie, and each week we fill more of them. The truth is that on Sunday morning, people keep on coming to Downtown Church.

The growth happened far more quickly than we anticipated. Our projections and vision statements were educated guesses. They didn't leave much room for God to speak up. And it seems that God had different plans for this new church than we imagined.

To be honest, we have to fight the tendency to say, "Thanks, but no thanks," to God and keep it small. Our fear of success is far greater than our fear of failure.

Responding to God's work means stepping out in faith -- we don't have any more staff, money or time than we did yesterday. But, we are going to respond.

Beginning Easter Sunday, Downtown Church will have two services on Sunday mornings. Here are the details [box]Easter services on March 31 are at 9:00 and 11:00. Beginning April 7, our Sunday services will be at 9:00 and 10:30[/box] The two services will be identical. We’ll have the same music and sermon; the nursery and children's programs will be available at both. 

If you feel apprehensive about this change, don't feel bad. We do, too. It's hard to help create something and then give it away. But we can't hold on too tightly and miss what God has in store.

So, keep coming. Keep bringing your friends. Sign up to be a greeter or work in the Downtown Kids room. And above all, keep praying for the right mix of brave and crazy so we can boldly respond to God's gifts.