This is why

This is why we do church.

I’m feeling reflective.  These moments are rare so indulge me for a moment.  My life has a way of putting me where I need to be and I’ve never fought it.  If you know me, you’ve heard a story or two about just living for things to develop and 100% of the time (unless I put the failures out of mind) things work out for the best.  As a non churchgoer and someone who regards religion with a healthy slice of cynicism based on a range of factors that have historical and interpersonal origins, the thought of me as a churchgoer  still remains an incongruent aspect of my sense of self.

He's just getting started.

To be honest, I still don’t see myself as a churchgoer but as someone who has found a group of people who hold a similar distaste (almost too strong a word) to the status quo and choose to meet on Sundays to better connect with that which encourages us to be better than at times we are willing or want to be (minus the special juice and the purple robes).  It’s not corny like wearing your hat backwards and not pretentious like a 6 piece suit, it’s like everyday minus the part where I take myself too seriously.

Our Artist in Residence, David Asiamah shared these words on his blog. You should read the rest of it and then buy some of his art. For your convenience, here is the link.

On the tough days, like this one, when I cynically wonder if Columbia needs another church I'm gonna read David's post. Why bother with starting a new church? This is why.