The freshest "About" page ever

There is a special sense of disappointment reserved for that moment when you eagerly click the "about" link on a website only to find nothing. There is something present, usually a mash-up of meticulously calibrated language intended to offend zero people resulting in an equal number that now know what makes you different. They didn't honor your sense of curiosity or your willingness to be surprised. You were hoodwinked again by another marketer that took advantage of your naivety. Instead of the truth, you receive an undeliverable,vapid bullet-pointed promise like "we strive after excellence in all pursuits with a customer driven focus…" Devoid of any humanity, even though real people that are likely funny and uniquely weird after-hours do all that striving and pursuing, the "about" link is uniformally disappointing. Yet still, I click on it expecting to learn something new. Churches (our's included) usually name this link "vision". This doorway to slow death by the hands of a "five point strategic focus or whatever" should be avoided if possible. Trust me, I've surfed 100's of church websites looking for a church planting cheat-code (up down, up down, BA, BA,…). Along the way, I clicked "vision" enough times to eventually anticipate the guilty,silent sigh you wouldn't dare escape from your lips lest someone heard and accused you of hearsay for confusing a church's vision with the voice of God. These "about" links almost never make me want to meet the people they represent. Read our "vision" page, written by me of all people, for an example of how not to delight.

If you're left wondering where to find beauty in "about" links, look no further. My boy Clark sent me the gold-standard this afternoon. Imagine if all "about" links led to treasures such as this: