Super Secret Song of the Week

A deplorable habit I don't plan to address is my tendency to keep my music discoveries a secret. I hoard good music from my wife, friends, and co-workers.

There is something sinister about enjoying the moment when someone's head starts bouncing in jubilation to a beat, melody, rhyme, or hook they didn't know existed and never will cause I'm not telling them even after they ask.

And there is something profoundly sorrowful that occurs in the moment when someone with musical taste that extends only as far as their mouse can scroll down on the iTunes homepage tells me that I should be listening to Seryn cause they are a mellow version of the best band ever... Mumford and Sons. Child please. I'd already sworn to ignore Mumford and Sons on principle and now you've ruined Seryn for me.

My travails are rich-people problems but as another music hoarder told me recently, the day isn't complete until you found reason to get indignant.

I won't be sharing the grade-A undiscovered stuff that resides in my playlist for the super secret song of the week, but I will give you a peek. This week's selection is above.

Don't tell anyone.