Sunday Music

"Teach me work that honors Thy work,the true economies of goods and words, to make my arts compatible with the songs of the local birds.

Teach me patience beyond work and, beyond patience, the blest Sabbath of Thy unresting love Which lights all things and gives rest."

-Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry is a poet, and his words remind me of the blessings of serving our Lord. Here we sit in a community of believers and of those called by God to serve at Downtown Church. We are the local birds singing. When we work together, when we encourage each other, and when we lift our hearts to the Lord together, that is our song. Beyond that, the blessing we have in serving the Lord is that our work is our rest.

This Sunday, one of our local birds, Tim O'Keefe, will be playing one of his songs for the "Holy Interruption" of our service. He will be sharing his work with us, allowing us to enjoy God's "unresting love" through his music.

Don't miss it!