Still Here

After a two-week absence that seemed longer than it was, we're back! I'm not sure why we really left in the 1st place, but the questions we received from people who read the blog frequently and lamented the absence of recent posts reminded us that our audience was big enough to miss us. We didn’t take a two week break because we ran out of stuff to say. Our problem was that we had too much to say. As activity increased at the church and it became clear that the blog was an efficient way to invite others to join in, it became more more tempting to use the blog to market church events. But, that wasn't the purpose of the blog when it was conceived. The blog was intended to be a place where we could share the story of developing a new church. We wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look, even when it was messy, trivial, and personal. What we didn't realize was people would actually read it and it soon became the second most popular page on the website.

Over time, the blog started looking more and more like a church newsletter. And while the writing was typically better than most church newsletters, it didn't make up for the creeping suspicion that the blog read more like propaganda about Downtown Church than an honest account of its origins.

So, we’re going in another direction. We will continue to use this blog to share news, invite you to participate in our events, and reflect on the events when they're over. All of this will be done with typical downtown flair and an appreciation for the bizarre. In addition, there will be a new blog dedicated to more free-form and less time sensitive reflection. We hope this 2nd blog will find a voice and an audience like the first. Some of the posts will show up in both places but over time the distinctions will be apparent. Thank you for sticking with us.