Slow Down to Speed Up

I'll start this with a heavy sigh....ahhhhhh. Not because I'm so relaxed, quite the contrary, I seem to stay ramped up all the time. Busy Busy Busy - I sound like the magician in Frosty the Snowman. If you don't get the reference, I'm showing my age. Do you ever wake up and feel like the best part of your day is yet to come? As in, going back to bed? I've had several of those recently.

*I ran out of gas on I-77. Two miles from my house. And it was heading out somewhere, NOT heading home.

*I spilled a REALLY expensive glass of wine on my computer. No, I don't buy expensive wine, but that one glass became really expensive when I paid the bill to fix my computer.

*I bought a new dryer....out of necessity. And after waiting for three hours for the delivery - they delivered the WRONG one.

*I almost ran out of gas again on the way to my daughter's horse show banquet in Aiken. Alas, I made it to the gas station only to be doused down the leg by gasoline. Not only did I really stink at the banquet, I was terrified of someone lighting up near me!

These are the days, you want to run back to bed, pull up the covers and pray for tomorrow to start. Tomorrow is a new chance to get it right. Some days aren't our fault - wrong dryer delivered. Some days are - don't pull the nozzle out of your gas tank before releasing it. Either way, it's a reminder that most delays can be avoided, or at least they don't seem like such a big deal, if we aren't in such a blasted hurry to begin with.