Shameless Plug for Post-Timey

Warning: This has nothing to do with church. It is a shameless plug for two friends that are sticking their periscopic necks out to pursue a dream. I'll always be shameless when it comes to supporting Kelley. Kelley Douglas and Sean Thomson are the Post-Timey String Band. (DOWNTOWNERS also know that Kelley is our staff musician and worship director) For three years they have made music together, combining the fun of high-speed bluegrass, the story-telling of folk, the wailing, sorrow of blues, with a slight accent of rock. They provide entertainment (for cheap and often free) to people in the Columbia area in formal and informal venues. Kelley says:

"Sharing our music with people is our version of breaking bread to feed them."

The duo finds creative ways to stretch their ingredients, (a few microphones, guitars, and recording devices). Now, they are ready to record a new album that will demand a little shopping before things get cookin’ in the kitchen.

Kelley and Sean are not seeking a hand-out. But they do need help to provide good music to people who want to hear good music radiating from the village of Columbia.

Accordingly, they set up a Post-Timey dating profile below to test whether you like them or not. If you like them, don't take them out for dinner or a night on the town, just support their Kickstarter project and they'll return your gift with gratitude.


What is your idea of a perfect day?

Eating sloppy burgers and playing music with friends.

What things do you like most?

kazoos, fancy guitar riffs, good lyrics, funky bass lines, strong voices, quirky tunes, pandas, and koala bears

What is your greatest achievement?

Besides the release of our first album in 2012 that was accompanied by a sold-out release concert at Hunter Gatherer? Considering running marathons and getting in shape.

Where do you see yourselves in the future?

Older, not grayer, without wrinkles, voices slightly altered from too many live shows, but still making beautiful music together.


How you can support Post-Timey?

Visit our Kickstarter Project and give a gift to get a gift. Don't hesitate.