The Sandbox welcomes Paul Greathouse

After Sunday's sermon on Doubt I heard from several people. Paul Greathouse, who worships with us and who's last name I covet, sent me a link to an essay on The Guardian UK site from British Author Francis Spufford titled The trouble with atheists: a defence of faith

It's a personal reflection that's also a broad swipe at atheists who belittle the value of religion. Unless the tension between atheists and people of faith in England is more palpable than it is here, his brutal take down of atheism did necessitate a few straw-men that I've yet to encounter. Then again, this is the South where religion is woven into our culture and not many atheists would dare to announce themselves in public.

While the counter-punch to secular humanism is entertaining, I lingered over his impassioned argument that it's not reason but emotion that is the more powerful affirmative answer to the life's biggest question. You should read it. Until you do, here is a taste...

[quote]I am a fairly orthodox Christian. Every Sunday I say and do my best to mean the whole of the Creed, which is a series of propositions. But it is still a mistake to suppose that it is assent to the propositions that makes you a believer. It is the feelings that are primary. I assent to the ideas because I have the feelings; I don't have the feelings because I've assented to the ideas.[/quote]