GO | Women's Retreat

I can’t exactly remember why I signed up for the Women’s Retreat last year. But I think I was enticed by the idea of meeting more people at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. Meeting people means more people you can say hello to on Sunday morning. It means fewer awkward moments during the Holy Interruption. And maybe meeting people means making real connections.

The weekend offers a few workshops, time for hiking or napping, worship, and a legit Keynote Speaker. Last year Rachel Held Evans read an excerpt from one of her books. The women’s retreat fell on the same weekend as the rally/protest that turned violent in Charlottesville, Virginia. And while that moment was dark, the gathering of women in that space felt like a pinprick of light. 

I may not be the most glowing endorsement for the trip as a whole. My car battery died in the parking lot of the Lodge after I arrived. I woke up Sunday with an eye infection from a scrape in my contacts. But as crazy as those moments were, that’s not what really stands out from the weekend. 

What stands out are the many new friendships I formed, the support and concern for my car (and my eye!), and the time and opportunity to unplug at a place as beautiful as Montreat.

If you are interested in attending Montreat's Women's Retreat you can find out more here.

-Kristen Vick