CONNECT | Re-Discover Downtown

During the month of May, DOWNTOWN CHURCH is hosting a series of dinners at which we will celebrate the past and initiate the future of the church. We attempted to include everyone who might be interested in this dialogue, but it's likely that our subjective standards for extending an invitation resulted in someone being left out. The standard was simple: we sent invitations to people we thought would eventually become members when DOWNTOWN CHURCH is chartered as an official congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Preemptive Apology

Is it possible that we left someone off the list? Yes. In fact, we know that we did. Please direct all your indignation towards me (Amos), the one who approved the final list. If you are able to forgive me, please receive this email for what it is, an invitation to join us at one of two dinners that we kept wide open because we knew we'd mess up and leave someone out.

Why you should still come

These dinners represent the church turning a corner. It's our way of sharing a whole bunch of good news about the future and inviting you to participate in it. At the dinner, you'll hear news about our future that should excite you. You'll also be able to ask questions about our current financial condition and the challenges we face as we move towards being a self-sustaining church in eight months.

If you call DOWNTOWN CHURCH home and want to be a part of its future, you should rsvp for one of the two dinners listed below.

The Details

  • May 22 at 7:00 pm at the home of Anna and Seth Rose Filled
  • May 27 at 7:00 pm at the home of Michael Powelson and Maria Fabrizio Filled

Unfortunately the dinners filled up.

We are planning additional opportunities to get an update and eat together. As soon as we have dates and times confirmed, we will post them on the website.