Promise Keeper

I think the hardest promises to keep are the ones we make to ourselves. After all, I'm the only one who'll be mad at me; and I'm pretty good at justification and forgiving myself. However, I made a particular promise right here on this blog back on July 17. Therein lies the problem with's out there for the world to see and someone somewhere someday might actually ask me, "Hey, remember when you said you were gonna' do blah,blah,blah? How'd that go?"

So...a long introduction to say, I kept my promise. In the July 17 blog, I reflected on another birthday and that as we get older, our eagerness to try new things seems to diminish. At the end, I made a goal to try horseback riding. Seriously.

It has taken 5 months and at least a hundred excuses. And I tried to shoot a few more out there yesterday -- my dog just had surgery, it might rain, I don't have the right clothes, I haven't wrapped any Christmas presents yet, I don't look good in helmets. Yet I swept them aside, mounted that horse (ok, large pony) and took a sloooww walk. But before that lesson was over, I sat in two-point, did a posting trot and gingerly walked over a teeny, tiny jump.

I don't think I'll be competing alongside my daughter in the next medal finals; however, I did stretch myself to do something brand new, enjoyed it, and look forward to riding again.

Canter on!