O iPhone, Thou art Holy

This weekend we learned that our iPhones conjure feelings of devotions equivalent to our religion. Martin Lindstrom made the case in an Op-ed for the New York Times. Out to prove what we kinda already knew, Lindstrom came to this conclusion through a series of experiments that included brain scans. As an iPhone owner, the truth is easier to swallow when it's not supported by objective analysis like this:

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) tests, my team looked at subjects’ brain activity as they viewed consumer images involving brands like Apple and Harley-Davidson and religious images like rosary beads and a photo of the pope. We found that the brain activity was uncannily similar when viewing both types of imagery.

I'm not Catholic, so images of the Pope doesn't do much for me, but I get the point. It is a story that we've heard before. I wonder what Moses, who stomped out more than one instance of idol worship among the recently liberated Israelites, might have done upon receiving news that the iPhone was being confused with God? Abraham, another patriarch of our faith, was said to have smashed his own father's idols. The lesson - pay extra for the insurance when you get your iPhone 5 in a couple of weeks.