On Sunday November 4 we will celebrate All Saints’ Day at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. If you’re wondering what All Saints’ Day is, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

In the early Christian tradition, “saints’ days” marked the anniversary of a martyr’s death which denoted that day as his or her “birthday” as a saint. But, it didn’t take long for the calendar to become booked solid with saints’ days. To simplify things, All Saints’ Day was established to honor all the saints, both known and unknown, on one glorious day of the year.

As time passed, the emphasis of All Saints’ Day expanded so that now we celebrate the ordinary, holy lives of believers in this and every age. It’s a time to give thanks to members of our communities and families who we have lost.

We are celebrating All Saints’ Day at DOWNTOWN CHURCH with a renewed focus this year. As you’d expect, we’re preparing a special music program and the worship experience will include special prayers. But we’re also inviting you to honor those who you have loved and lost with a small act of gratitude.

At worship, you’ll receive a bulb to plant in honor of someone. If you don’t have a green thumb, the bulbs come with detailed instructions.

Bulbs planted in November bloom in early spring

Then, when the days are getting longer in the early spring, you’ll be surprised one morning to walk outside and see those tiny tips of green pushing up through the ground. Perhaps you’ll pause in that moment, to a thought, a prayer, a wish, or a feeling of gratitude before heading out into your day.