Made in God's Image

Recently someone turned me on to the work of Austin Kleon. He is an artist most widely known for his blackout poems.  He's also very open with his artistic process and honest about his inspirations. Read his blog when you need a swift creative kick. The book of Genesis says that we are "made in the image of God." Readers of the Bible interpret this in different ways. One possible reading of this stunning revelation is that we are made to be creators, just like God. We know lasting pleasure and fulfill our purpose in making new things. What's this got to do with Austin Kleon? Along with making new things, he is also excited about encouraging other people to do the same. Sometimes, I review his slideshow How To Steal Like An Artist when I'm stuck in a rut trying to write a sermon or a prayer. The slide above came from this show and speaks clearly to the possibility that we are made to be creators, just like God. Take a minute to view the show, hopefully there will be something new for you there.