Instruction Manual Not Included

On Sunday, April 14th, the confirmands presented gifts to the church. For the last seven weeks, not only have they been figuring out what Jesus has to do with them, but they've been building furniture for the church. And it's not Ikea furniture that took seven weeks to assemble. They built from wood planks. That's right, they stepped right into Jesus carpentry shoes and built an outdoor bench and wooden cross. 

Here's what they want you to know about them:

The cross
"We wanted to build a cross because it reminds us to be curious about why Jesus died for us." 

"It also integrates us into the global Christian community because the cross is a symbol for Christians everywhere."

The bench

"It's open for anyone in downtown Columbia to use. If someone needs to rest, they can use it."

"We didn't paint it because we wanted it to reflect our church value of being an unfinished people. Just as the bench isn't "finished," neither are we. We're always learning and growing."