Hiding in a cardboard box in your attic is a stack of dollar bills. If you don’t have an attic, then bend down to look under your bed for the wad of money smushed in a shallow plastic container. Or check your garage. There, on the floor beside your lawn mower is a check made out to DOWNTOWN CHURCH for $100. Yesterday in worship, we opened the virtual doors to an online platform for you to exchange goods for money. The brass candle holders packed in your attic and the extra set of golf clubs propped up in your garage may not appear valuable to you, but imagine if you could sell them to someone else in the DOWNTOWN CHURCH community? And what if all the money generated from the sale of stuff you didn’t need went to support the Church?

Everyone now has the potential to be a donor, either by buying or selling in the marketplace created and maintained by HarborGood but populated with stuff from the people of DOWNTOWN CHURCH. If this innovative approach to generating revenue is successful, DOWNTOWN CHURCH and HarborGood will be pioneers in the field of non-profit fundraising.

We’ve already started a church from scratch, so why wouldn’t we partner with like-minded entrepreneurs to create a new model for philanthropy?

If you’ve ever bought or posted something using Craigslist, you already know how to HarborGood. So, click below, to set up an account, browse the goods, and/or post something to sell.

100% of the proceeds from each sale is tax-deductible for the donor of the goods.

[button link="http://www.downtownchurch.harborgood.com" window="yes"]www.downtownchurch.harborgood.com[/button]