FM...No Static at All

F M static at all

For many of you, that line from an old Steely Dan song probably has no context. I, on the other hand, grew up in the era of AM Radio. (I continue to find new ways to date myself on this blog.) I had a Panasonic transistor radio, just like the one in the picture, but green. What was with the keychain??

I loved my radio, and while it HAD an FM dial, my radio stayed firmly planted in AM world. FM was the home of MUZAK, Lawrence Welk-esque tunes, and radio stations with call letters like WGAR - Golden Age Radio. No self-respecting teenybopper that I was would have flipped that dial. I 'll take my Bee Gees and Peaches and Herb with a healthy dose of static, thank you. And had no clue that you could have it any other way.

Until the day when a bubble-gum pop station dared to brave that other frequency and we experienced static-free listening pleasure.

And while CDs and iPods have erased those long ago memories of squealing feedback and stations that floated in and out, I still sometimes allow static in my ears. It takes on different forms now - complaints and demands of my children, have-to's from this committee or that committee, even the well-intentioned advice from good friends can become a distraction when what we really need is to be quiet...find our own voice...hear the still, small voice of God...and feel the gentle nudging in our hearts of the Holy Spirit.