First Communion: The new becomes old

If I had any doubt that this was a church, the hesitation disappeared on Sunday. We do many things that are not ordinary at Downtown Church. The unordinary practices remind me that we are an emerging community of faith that’s still learning how to worship and serve together. Still, there is a balance that we seek between the new and the old.

We are rooted in our traditions, and there is nothing more ordinary relative to worship than sharing in communion. Worship music will continue to evolve, worship settings will change, and preaching will (and should) be local. But the church has instituted the Lord’s supper with the same words and witnessed the grace of God in the same elements (bread and wine) throughout it’s history. On Sunday we added our voice to those that stretch across the ages. And it was good.

Special thanks to David Asaimah for sharing his perspective through this photo.