DTK | Bye Bye Wristbands

After this Sunday the only place I know where an impossible to remove wristband is slapped on your wrist wether you want it or not is at a bar. Since worship started we’ve been using the wristbands to keep parents connected to their kids in the nursery and at DOWNTOWN kids. Why? Nobody likes to lose their kids at church. The numbered wristbands were noted on a sign in sheet. The process was painless until you tried to remove the wristband from your wrist with your teeth because you couldn’t wait to get home. And you didn’t want anyone at brunch to think you were out late the night before.

DTk Blog  postOn Sunday, the check in process for the nursery and DTK will take a giant leap into the current century.

Instead of a wristband reminiscent of Sharky's, you will be greeted by two iPad kiosks. The iPads will enable us to collect accurate contact information, a quick picture, and somehow all the important stuff you enter will be sent to a wireless badge printer. The badges go on the back of your child, although you are free to stick them on their forehead if you really don't want us to lose your kid.

This is the best part: Since the badge will have your picture on it, the only form of ID you need to show when picking up is your face.

Here is the second best part: You only need to complete the full form once. Upon your next check-in you simply have to enter the phone number or email address you used at your initial check in and a badge will be magically printed for you.

And the third best part: We have 2000 yellow wristbands for sale if any of you want to sneak into Sharkys.

If you are anxious about the safety of the information you are entering, don't worry. The iPads will not be connected to the internets. We will have a private network set-up each Sunday to insure that the date we collect will be transferred only when we are back at our intergalactic headquarters and on a secure network.

See you in church.