DOWNTOWN YOUTH | A Letter to Parents

Dear Youthy Parents,

As we move from summer to fall the church is shifting speed. Summer was a season of rest and renewal. Not much happened at church beyond regular Sunday worship. This week we shift into a faster-paced, more active season of programming.

I'm posting this  to update you on developments regarding Downtown Youth, which will kickoff in two weeks. It is likely that you might have questions after reading this memo. I'm keeping it brief because you probably won't read it otherwise. So call me directly (803-753-1411) if the bullets below need further clarification.

  • Last week we hired Alexis Krcelic as the Youth Program. Downtown Youth was suffering without a staff person designated to assist the gifted leaders. More about Alexis will soon be on the website, and you will likely hear from her soon.
  • Downtown Youth will have two separate components this year. The high-school boys and girls are invited to join a gender specific small group that will meet every other week. Information about the first gathering and the leaders will be posted on the website soon and you will also receive a notice.
  • The second component of Downtown Youth is the middle school program which will be lead by Natasha, Andrew, Brent, and Kristen. 6-8 graders are encouraged to participate in all the gatherings and a tentative schedule for the year is on the website right here.
  • Confirmation workshops will be offered in the spring for any youth that has not made a profession of faith. This includes youth that were baptized as infants. Youth who have already been received as members in other churches should participate in the Charty Workshops if they want to join DTC.

That's it for now.

— Amos