DOWNTOWN KIDS | Trina Randle

DOWNTOWN CHURCH welcomes Trina Randle! Trina is a teacher, consultant, and adjunct instructor whose passion for education runs deep. According to Trina, education chose her - and it all comes down to a news story she saw while napping on the couch one evening.

Half-asleep that night, she listened as an educator described the opportunities that abound to support children and communities through teaching. Trina heard testimonies of change, student achievement, and the future of education as she was nudged awake by her own reflection. What she realized is that those who had influenced her most in her life had all been educators - both her parents, a significant role model, and multiple mentors.

It was in that moment that her destiny became clear, and she embarked on a journey to become a change agent in the field of education. A lifelong learner herself, Trina is currently studying what babies know and can do from birth. She’s exploring how equity and issues of social justice can become a part of the conversation of young children and families.

Now, we are delighted that she is bringing her passion and expertise to the DOWNTOWN KIDS program.

Trina is mom to three awesome kids, including Corey, a senior at Marymount Manhattan College, Kelley, a sophomore at UNC Charlotte, and Kennedy, a 5th grader at the Center for Inquiry. She’s married to Charles who works at the McEntire Air National Guard.