GO | Dislocated


Where do you read your bible?

a. at home in my comfy chair
b. at 701 with you crazy people
c. at a coffee shop

If you answered a, b, or c to this question, you're not alone. These are the places it is culturally acceptable to read your bible. If you didn't answer at all because you don't read your bible, you're also not alone. 

Here's a chance for you to join me in adding more options to that list. For the next few weeks, I'm going to dislocate myself from where I feel comfy reading my bible (at home and in my office) and try on some new places. I'm going to switch it up every time so it gets weirder and weirder.  And I'm gonna do it regardless of whether or not anyone comes to join me. 

Why you ask? 

Not because I want to draw attention to myself reading the bible out in public, but because reading it in uncommon places does something to me. I hear the words differently. I'm a little more aware of God's voice speaking to me. 

So, if you're hankering to read that bible of yours or perhaps, hoping to hear God's voice in a new way, show up. I'd be happy to see you. 

  • Monday, June 18: 5:00 PM: New Building, Central Energy Facility. Corner of Gregg and Calhoun
  • Sunday, June 24: 3:00 PM: River walk. Meet at the entrance - 312 Laurel St
  • Tuesday, June 26: 8:00 AM: Front steps of the Statehouse.

P.S. Maybe this goes without saying, but just in case, be sure to bring your bible.