CONNECT | Total Table Spring 2015

Looking for a way to meet other Downtowners? Try Total Table. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been coming to Sunday service for two weeks or two years. Total Table is a supper club with a DOWNTOWN CHURCH twist. It’s random. It’s fun. And it's the fastest, easiest way to connect with other Downtowners.

Here’s how it works: The commitment is dinner once a month for three months. A week or so before each round of parties, you will get an email inviting you to make a reservation for dinner on the night that suits your calendar the best. Here’s the really fun part: when you make your reservation, you won't know who your host will be or who else will be there that night.

Several days before each party, our volunteer hosts will send details to those who have reserved for their night. That's when you find out the name of your host, who the other guests will be, start time, location, menu, and how you can help. Every party is unique in its own way.

So, how do you get started? If you're new to Total Table, just complete the form below to register. If you've participated before, no need to re-register unless your contact information has changed. Then watch for an email from Sharon Waites with a list of dates for the dinners.

Upcoming Dinners:

Week of March 16th

Week of April 13th

Week of May 4th


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