What is Maundy Thursday?

The meal is red wine and bread. Before you eat we recall that Jesus shared the same meal with his closest companions the day before he was arrested, two days before he died on a cross.

On that day Jesus surprised his disciples before dinner by washing their feet in an act of perfect love as a reminder to them, and by extension us, that love demands time spent on our knees.

For Maundy Thursday we move our table from 701 Whaley to Trenholm Plaza. mack.home is the location, and when you arrive, you'll see why it's not crazy for the church to gather in a retail location. After hours on Maundy Thursday, mack, through the hospitality of the owners, Marnie Clayton and Anna Kemper, who both worship with their families at DTC on Sundays, is transformed from a retail store to a public space that feels as sacred as any church building I've entered.

The Twist

In the Gospel of John, the events of the Last Supper include a description of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. It is an intimate expression of humility. For the master to wash the feet of his disciples reversed the order of things. Imagine if you went to the home of your housekeeper and cleaned it for free.

This year, a foot washing station will be set up in a quiet corner if you want to participate in the ritual. Don't expect soap, a callous rasp, or nail clippers. The ritual isn't a pedicure. An empty basin, a pitcher of water, and a clean towel will be available in front of a chair. Instructions will be provided. Wash the feet of your spouse, friend, child, or neighbor, if they are willing. There is no expectation that you participate, but the opportunity is available if you want or need to be at the feet of someone else, in an intimate act of service.