CONNECT | Fugue State

Some of our talented musicians started a band. We think you should go see them on April 4th.


 Van Anderson details everything you need to know here:

My band, Fugue State, has our first gig on April 4 at Henry's on Devine St at 10:00pm.

We fall somewhere in the middle of jam, funk, bluegrass, jazz, and blues.  And in the words of Brian Fantana, 60% of the time, we play covers every time.  But, if I do say so myself, with Ben Irons on lead, Justin Marshall on bass, Clay Williams on drums, Joe Jacobson on keys, and the incomparable Jen Griffitt on Tedeschi-esque vocals, it doesn't really matter what we play.  It all rules.

We're Social:  Twitter: fuguestateband

Just don't YouTube us, because there apparently is a wicked Heavy Metal tune called Fugue State that is sure to give you nightmares for weeks. I assure you, this is not representative of what you will hear on April 4.

Hope to see y'all there.  Should be fun.  We'll go on round 10:00.

People wearing glow sticks get in for free.