SERVE | Ethiopia

***UPDATE*** The Ethiopia meeting has been rescheduled, if you registered for the meeting we will be in touch with a later date for an interest meeting.


We came up with 756 reasons to join DOWNTOWN CHURCH on the 2015 trip to Ethiopia. Below is the top 5.

  1. A vehicle you are riding in will get stuck in < 3’’ of mud. Without a wench, while defying at least 3 principles of physics, your driver will easily escape and refrain from uttering a single cussing word. You will cheer and be filled with a mistaken belief that anything is possible. Then your newfound, can-do attitude will evaporate when you see that this miracle made the driver’s shoes and pant’s cuff muddy, likely ruining both.
  2. The food.
  3. For the first two days you will pay the asking price for trinkets and cab rides. Then it will occur to you that every transaction is actually a negotiation. After two weeks your skills as a negotiator will be first-class. On your first trip to Best-Buy back home, you will attempt to negotiate the purchase of a consumer good. You will win and receive a discount.
  4. The children at Bethel Evangelical Secondary School in Dembi Dolo (our mission partner) will compel you to perform an overdue analysis of your own life. The long list of gripes, concerns, and worries you brought to Ethiopia will suddenly sound insignificant. The shape of your soul will be reconfigured. This is good.
  5. You will dance like nobody is watching after learning the iconic double shoulder bop that is the national dance move. Before leaving you will buy a boot-leg CD of Ethiopian music in order to show your homeboys and girls that you can dance - a triumph in itself.

If you are interested in hearing the 749 other reasons why you should go, let us know by filling out the form below and come to the informational meeting on November 17 at 7:00 pm.