CONNECT | Danny Murphy

Eight years go, I called Danny Murphy and invited him to join me for informal lunch. I didn't have an agenda, I just knew Danny was someone with more wisdom, grace and experience than me, a young pastor with more ideas than common sense. I brought a long list of questions with me to that first lunch. Who did the people that invited me to be their pastor expect from me? Do I assimilate or do I need to take risks and challenge the status quo? I'm laughing as I write this recantation. How foolish of me to let my youth and fear of messing up question how effective I could be as just me?

Over lunch that day, Danny took me to school. Now, Danny is my boss. Boss might be an overstatement in the strict Presbyterian sense but Danny is the kind of leader you want bossing you around.

Danny is a leader that doesn't allow other people's expectations define him. Danny is a preacher I'd listen to every Sunday. Danny is a pastor whose church I would attend.

Danny is preaching at DOWNTOWN CHURCH on October 12th. As the leader of Trinity Presbytery, he is coming to share a good word and to worship with the community that he helped develop.

If his sermon stinks (not likely) at least come to say thank you. Without Danny there might not be a DOWNTOWN CHURCH.