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If you love experiencing the music on Sunday mornings, but want more, you are in for a treat. Most of our musicians do not just play at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. They also use their gifts elsewhere in the community.

So, come check ‘em out.

This Friday, October 3rd Timshel and Mario McLean will be playing at Conundrum Music Hall.

Timshel is a “folk-rock tidal wave” from Columbia, South Carolina. Front man, Alderman Douglas borrows from obvious influences which include Jeff Buckley, Thom York and Robert Plant. Partnered with Micheal Schaming on lead guitar and Daniel Wilson on drums, they round out a sweeping soundscape of moody riffs and explosive drumming.

Mario McClean’s voice has often been described as that of an angel. He combines heartfelt, soulful vocals with occasional passionate and melodic yells, pulling you into the emotions of each unique song. His piano playing perfectly meets each rise and fall of his voice. Along with the help of his talented back up band: Alderman Douglas on cello, Zach Jones on Bass, and Daniel Wilson on drums, Mario delivers a sound with heart wrenching eloquence.

The DOWNTOWNERS will be joined by Analog Moon. You can find out more about the show here:

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