CONNECT | Charty Time

What's a Charty? Charter + Party = Charty.

The party part of that equation is self-explanatory. But chartering doesn't happen often, so you are excused from being suspicious about the unfamiliar term.

On December 5, a Friday night, the experiment of DOWNTOWN CHURCH will become the real thing.

If you remember, our first public worship service was on the first Sunday of December way way back in 2011. So it seems right to celebrate our third anniversary with  a special worship service. The service is somewhat like an inauguration. Pastors and elders from other Presbyterian churches will be present to help designate that DOWNTOWN CHURCH is an official congregation in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

But wait, it gets better; Dr. Noel Schoonmaker, is flying in from Murfeesboro, TN to preach. If we ranked preachers, I'd put Noel at the top of my list. He taught me how to preach and still does as my preaching coach.  After Noel delivers a hot sermon, we will ordain and install elders, install at least one pastor, and receive the first (charter) members of the church.

The After Party

Now that you are enlightened on the church stuff, let's move on to the party. This will not be your typical church function. We won't be pot-lucking and pouring lemonade. This will be a real party, DOWNTOWN style, with a hot band that should encourage plenty of bad dancing, and a few surprises.

It's all going down at 701 Whaley and the invite is open.

How do I become a member?

Those details will be explained in another blog post.