Join us for Ash Wednesday Service to start the season of Lent.

When: Feb 18th | 6:00pm Where: 701 Whaley

Hunger deeply this season.

That is my prayer for DOWNTOWN Church.

While Jesus was in the wilderness, he went without food for 40 days to prepare to do God's will. Even as he sought God in the wilderness he prayed continuously. Jesus experienced physical emptiness. He was hungry because he was fasting. But his soul sought nutrients from God's presence.

Jesus' time in the wilderness is our model as we seek to be nourished over 40 days of waiting during Lent.

Popular culture often reduces Lent to a season where you stop eating chocolate and red meat. But creating physical cravings within ourselves does little for our spirituality. In my experience, most people are counting down the days until they can return to their favorite indulgences.

This year, what if you let the spirit take a hold of you. Think less of what you need to release or give up, and think more of what you need grasp. Hunger deeply in your hearts and let God satisfy you.

Start by joining us this Wednesday at 701 Whaley, downstairs in the Granby Room, for Ash Wednesday when we are reminded that we were created from the dust of the wilderness and to the dust we will return. The service will be quiet but not shallow, reflective but not self-indulgent.

Through special music, the reading of scripture, and the administration of ashes, we will begin our journey through Lent, through the wilderness, together.