CHARTY | Register for the Party

It's time to chartify ourselves. The night begins at 6:00 with a special worship service. Everyone and their cousin can and should come to that.

The night will end at 11:00 when all of y'all got to go home. In between worship and bedtime is a celebration worthy of the moment.

The invitation to the Charty Party is as open as the worship service. Just be sure to register by November 28th, so that we know you are coming.

So, how does a church with no building and an annual budget of $400,000 put on a party for 350 people at Columbia's finest event venue, with Columbia's yummiest caterer, an eight piece band, and something to drink besides fruit punch? This is how:

  1. Five DTC families are collectively underwriting ⅓ of the Charty cost to make sure we don't have to turn water into wine.
  2. Our friends at Loosh Culinaire, 701 Whaley, and Liquid Assets are donating a portion of their typical charge cause they like us.
  3. Everyone planning on doing the Electric Slide, the Macarena, or The Dougie while eating beef tenderloin and refilling at the raw oyster bar is gonna drop $25 in this online collection plate. Don't bring your receipt. We aren't checking your name against a list or messing with wristbands. Sneaking into a church party is low. Helping make the night special with your company is not.


Registration for the Charty is closed — see you at the Charty/Party!