Blog | Welcome Jeannie Sullivan

DOWNTOWN CHURCH is breathing a sigh of relief this week. The day to day management of the church is now the responsibility of someone besides me. Don't laugh or act surprised - this is good news. Since our birth two years ago, we've managed the church much like I manage my own schedule. And if you've ever had an appointment with me, you know that I'm always four - six minutes late or right on time. I'm rarely so late that you notice, but I'm never early enough to take a deep breath and get prepared before my guest arrives. It's not easy or advisable, but it is possible to be sort of late without being rude.

The problem was the church functioned much like it's leader. We were four - six minutes late on everything because we either didn't plan in advance or we tried to do more than time allowed. On some days, behind the curtain it felt like a boot-leg church. We joked about it, but eventually the jokes got stale and we realized that we needed a manager to make sure the trains started running on time.

And so, DOWNTOWN CHURCH is excited to welcome Jeannie Sullivan as our new full-time Team Leader. She has extensive experience as a project manager making sure that the trains run on time. Jeannie will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the church and will manage most of the church staff. As a professional coach, consultant, entrepreneur, and innovator, Jeannie brings with her enough talent and experience to help DTC move from a church that started to a church that will be around long enough to fulfill the vision that compelled our initial formation.

The sub-committee of our Guidance Team that crafted the position description and interviewed candidates approached the new hire as the most important decision DTC would make since we determined to worship at 701 Whaley. We were intent on finding a professional that could manage our team on day one and also fit the quirky yet functional culture of the staff. Jeannie embodies all that we hoped and prayed for in a director and we hope you find that DTC is a more faithful community of worship because of her company among us.