Blog | Two Weeks Without Me

Right now, I'm sitting under a tree in Black Mountain, NC. The shade and strong wireless signal make this a perfect place to rest between two of the many meetings I'll attend the next few weeks. I'm preaching 10 times during evening worship at the first two weeks of the Montreat Youth Conferences. This means you won't see me for awhile. I'll be back in worship at DTC on June 16. During that time, the staff, guest preachers, and other leaders are making sure we don't miss a beat.

While I will be working, I am thankful that my responsibilities up here make it hard to worry much about what's going in in Columbia. I needed to put some distance between me and church. We are on the verge of growing again, both in size and in the variety of opportunities people will have to remain engaged in the church. Before we leap though, it's good to back up, check our laces, measure our steps, and ask again if we're ready because once you start running forward and gathering speed, it becomes harder with each step to slow back down.

I don't do vacations very well. I think God Knows this about me. So I'm staying busy but not at home.

If you care about Downtown Church you should be proud that we are represented at this national conference. I'm here as an ambassador of our church, and in small and large ways, our approach to worship is shaping the experience youth from all over the country will have while they are here. So pat yourself on the back and lend a hand while I'm gone.