Blog | The Bikes Keep Coming

The team isn't large. Our goals aren't extraordinary. There is an extra small room our friends at the Presbyterian Student Center offered for our shot. The Re-run Bicycle Emporium isn't going to change the world. It's a small thing thing started by a small church. 11040184576_284b8c4208_b

But Sunday, we did something big. We started!

For months we labored quietly to get this project off the ground. If we failed to launch no-one would notice. Our only exposure was on our website, through tweets that all expire with each day's setting sun, during occasional announcements at church, and through word of mouth.

Sunday we put it all out there with t-shirts, signs, and a conspicuous black truck parked at the front door of church to transport each bike that was donated. Anytime you start out-loud, it's scary. Once you start out-loud, you can't stop quietly.

We're still counting but Bring A Bike to Church Day resulted in enough bikes to keep the team busy for a few Saturdays.


If you missed the opportunity to bring your bike, click here and we will come pick up your used bike, refurbish it, and pass it along to our partners for distribution.

We need that bike you aren't riding. Read why right here.