Blog | Seven Bikes is a Small Start

Columbia has a problem. If you don't own a car, it's difficult to get around. Public transportation, which presently consists of a less than adequate bus system, doesn't make up the difference. If you are homeless or live on the edge of homelessness as part of the city's neglected and forgotten class of the working poor getting to work is an unnecessary hurdle or worse, an impediment as one attempts to make enough money to eat.

Seven bikes won't solve the problem. Seven bikes will help seven people make up the difference between the end of the bus line and the employee entrance of their place of work. Seven bikes will make the commute from Transitions, the downtown residential program and facility for the homeless, to the chicken plant a little easier. Seven bikes won't solve the problem, but they are a sign.

The first batch of seven refurbished bikes delivered this morning to Transitions is a sign that big problems don't need big answers. There are enough gaps in the delivery of services to the homeless for a multitude of groups, institutions, houses of worship, and individuals to share their small but unique gifts. The seven bikes are a start. Next time there will be more bikes delivered that were once gathering dust in a shed but will eventually be the means by which a persistent, diligent worker punches his or her time card on time.


The Rerun Bicycle Emporium was a simple idea with a small goal. It costs almost nothing to sustain, but who knows, one of the bikes could be someone's ride out of poverty.

Sunday November 24 is Bring A Bike Sunday at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. Don't worry about the condition of your two-wheeler. We accept all makes and models and have a group of trained volunteers eager to refurbish your clunker into someone else's self-powered cab.

Bring a Bike on the 24th or fill out the form below and we will come pick your bike up.


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