Blog | Downtown Youth is here

The evolution of DOWNTOWN CHURCH continues. Some of the changes we plan in advance. Other changes are encouraged by natural growth expressed by the number of people in attendance and the commitment level of those who call DOWNTOWN home.

They came, they saw, they need more

We didn't plan to launch a youth initiative so soon, but the increasing number of young people showing up for church on Sunday could not be ignored. They are driving themselves to church and inviting their parents to catch a ride.

Sunday Morning worship nourished their thirst for a fresh experience of church, but the formative season of life marked by middle and high school demands a unique and focused approach to faith formation.

The trailblazers

So, we will start this fall; slowly at first, with two small groups, one each for middle and high school age youth. The groups will be led by the best volunteer youth leaders we could afford - Brent and Kristen Jerome will partner with Andrew and Natasha Drozdack to each lead a group. They are brave, fearless downtowners with special gifts for connecting with youth and the humility to know the call they've accepted won't be easy.

To complement the groups, another team is planning a series of regular gatherings that will be open fellowship gatherings for youth of all ages, whether you are in a group or not.

What's Next?

Over the next few weeks, we'll share more details about the leaders, the format, and the schedule. A new page on our website will be dedicated to DOWNTOWN YOUTH and regular updates will be posted on our blog.

For now, parents should plan to attend an introductory meeting at the home of Bert and Anna Kemper on September 15 at 6:30 p.m. The Kempers live at 4118 Kilbourne Road.. Parents will have a chance to meet the leaders, ask questions, and register their interest in helping.