Amy’s Coming

What were you doing your senior year of college? I was sleeping more than necessary and using the little math I know to determine the minimal grade required for each of my classes in order to graduate on time. The sleep was great but my math skills were and are still lacking. Disclaimer: I had a private graduation ceremony at my parent’s house in August. Amy Woodell is spending the last semester of her senior year at USC in coffee shops patiently explaining to curious pastors why she would dare to follow Jesus to Zambia to teach women how to sew. Last Friday the two of us met up at Immaculate Consumption in advance of her visit on Wednesday to SPARK, our monthly lunch time roundtable that features ordinary people doing doing amazing things.

From what I knew about her, Amy’s story was more than deserving of our invitation. However, I wasn’t prepared to get my soul stirred. I won’t ruin it by recounting the whole story here - come to SPARK on Wednesday for that. But I will give you a warning: Amy is not your typical missionary or your typical college student. She defies any stereotype or label that I dare to assign. Her sense of call is real and it is challenging to all of us that think God exists to keep us comfortable. I’m looking forward to Wednesday.