823,437 words on 70cm x 100cm

The King James Bible was commissioned in 1604 by King James and completed in 1611. 2011 is the 400th anniversary of the Bible. It's the best selling book of all time and for it's first 300 years it was exactly what people meant when they referred to the "bible."

If you go to Barnes and Noble today and browse the religion/spirituality/devotional/Jesusismybestfriend section today, the diversity of Bible translations is stunning. The variety of study Bibles fine-tuned for the self-interested shopper is even more amazing. The endless possibilities for study Bible customization include theological leaning, life stage, gender, profession, language, learning style (picture Bibles seem to be popular), and grade of leather or pleather.

But there is one version of the Bible you won't find on the shelves at your local bookstore. All the Worlds A Page is printing full length classics on a single page. To celebrate the King James Bible anniversary they put all 823, 437 words on a 70cm x 100cm sheet of paper. I bought a print today. Regular readers of The Blog know that math is not my gift, so I'm not confident whether I just bought a postcard or a shower curtain sized copy. And since the price is listed in euros, I'm not exaclty sure what I just spent. Check out the snapshot above for some perspective. I'll need a microscope and some Go Go Gadget Arms to use this version in worship, so it will probably stay on the wall.