MUSIC | Mario McClean



Where Did Mario Go?

The rumor mill has been swirling around DOWNTOWN CHURCH about “that amazing guy who sings better than John Legend.” But only SOME of the rumors are actually true. Find your answers here.

Q: Is Mario McClean moving away from Columbia?

A: Yes. He actually already did. Mario moved to the great city of Chicago this week to share his music on a greater stage. And as sad as we are to see him go, we are equally elated to watch him follow his dream of sharing his art with the world.

Q: Will we ever see Mario again?

A: Yes! We’ve made Mario the headliner of DTC’s first ever DOWNTOWN MusicFest on September 27th! Additionally, plans are in the works for other surprise pop-ins for worship throughout the year!

Q: So, you’re saying this isn’t goodbye?

A: Correct. It’s more like, “Catch ya later (gator)!”

Q: Will you let me know in advance when Mario will be in worship?

A: We’ve never been able to publish a list of musicians or preachers in advance of Sunday, so probably no.

Q: Will the DTC sound ever be the same?

A: No, and yes, absolutely! We can never replace the gift that Mario’s voice and presence has been at our church. He is truly one-of-a-kind. However, our sound is bigger than one voice and continues to grow and change as God sends new talent our way. Change has always been a positive part of our DNA, so we’re seizing this opportunity to push new boundaries and introduce new faces and musical gifts to our team. Stay tuned to see what God’s stirring up!

Q: Is Mario leaving to join a boy band?

A: Really, people?