GO | Recess

Remember the days when you ran outside at the sound of a bell and got to run your fingers through the sandbox and chase after your friends? Yeah, those were the good days.

We take our own version of recess in the summer at DOWNTOWN CHURCH.

For these two Sundays we don't meet up at CE for church:

* June 30
* July 7

Instead, we get outside, to the beach or the river or we take a friend out for brunch. Sometimes we go to a coffee shop or the gym and meet some other people who aren't in church on Sunday mornings. Then, we come back to worship on Sunday, July 14th, missing each other.


Church is a living, breathing organism and like every one of those,

it needs time to rest. Plus, even God took a break on the seventh day. Who are we to argue with that logic?

If you still want some structure to worship God in the next two weeks, we've crafted an intentional worship with the psalms for you. Find it Here: Recess2019