REBOOT | Youth with a Lower Case "y"

After a successful run of two consecutive youth oriented activities (6 weeks of confirmation in the fall and a winter youth and worship retreat) we are confident in our youth skills. So today we are proud to present the second iteration of youth at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. Please note that our youth come with a lower case y always.

You might have some questions about youth with a lower case y at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. Anticipating your curiosity, we made an FAQ. Here goes:

FAQ About Youth with a Lower Case "y"

1. Who am I leaving my youth person with?

The co-pastors. That’s right. We don’t have a youth director, we have two pastors who like youth with a lower case y. Dawn and Amos are gonna be there every Sunday. For real. They were both once youth with a lower case y. That is experience you can’t take away.

2. Should I take the my youth out of the church we don’t go to anymore and encourage them to come to youth with a lower case y at DTC?


3. You’ve been churching for four years, why start an age-based affinity group for teenagers now?

Because we’ve got enough pastoral leadership to do it right. Yyouth won’t be a more entertaining version of Sunday morning big church. But it will be uniquely patterned to present youth with the possibility of forming their own faith.

4. When does it start and how often will you meet?

It starts in 10 days. That’s how we roll, no notice. We will meet every Sunday except for the Sundays we don’t. Here are the upcoming dates for Spring:

  • March 19 and 26
  • April 2, 23, 30
  • May 7, 21

5. Where’s the swag?

Anyone that shows up on March 19 at 12:30 with $10 gets a one-of-a-kind, Maria Fabrizio designed “youth with a lower case y” t-shirt. They will be vintage immediately.